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Our Creative Wellbeing Workshops

A rewarding 90-minute Creative Wellbeing Workshop designed for up to 30 young people to explore their creativity and enjoy the benefits of hands-on artistic expression.

The benefits of creativity on  well-being

Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
Builds self-esteem
Improves problem-solving skills
Inspires innovative thinking
Reduces irritability and restlessness
Builds communities and friendships
Improves mental and emotional health
Reduces burnout
Allows individuals to process
Improves hand-eye coordination

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Taster Workshop

Do you work for a school or youth organisation?

We are offering a 90-minute Creative Wellbeing Workshop to new schools or youth organisations engaging with us for the first time.

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Our creative well-being workshops are great for young people because they nurture self-expression, boost confidence, and promote mental well-being in a fun and supportive environment.


Each session spans 90 minutes, providing an immersive experience that fosters creativity and improves

mental well-being.

“Tapping into our innate creativity (yes, we all have it!) and unleashing our imagination can help with processing emotions, reducing anxiety, improving self-esteem, and boosting our overall mental health.”

Sylvie Meltzer, Creative Director at Satellite Foundation

Our workshops feature ever-changing themes, ensuring fresh and engaging content. Young people not only engage in hands-on activities but also have the opportunity to create unique wooden products crafted from reclaimed birch plywood.


These products showcase relevant and innovative designs, reflecting the interests and preferences of the

young participants.


At the end of each workshop, participants get to take home their creations, serving as tangible reminders of their

creative journey.


All materials necessary for the workshops are included, and we can accommodate groups of up to 30 people at a time, ensuring a personalised and impactful experience for every young person.

“It was a great experience for our students, particularly some of our most

disadvantaged pupils.

Providing them with a fun activity, the students were able to express themselves and their creativity.

Students explained that they found the activity calming, especially the Year 11 students who are approaching their exams.”

Emotional Wellbeing and Support Officer

Co-Op Academy Priesthorpe


All the wood used in the products made for the students originates from re-used wooden boxes and plywood sheets supplied by our PIECES PartnerMorley Glass, a Leeds-based manufacturer of double-glazed window units that feature integral blinds.

Workshop Delivery:

We can host these workshops during term time, after school and evenings at schools and youth groups/organisations.

Each workshop spans 90 minutes.

All materials included. 

Schools and Youth Organisations:

Prices are available on request, and additional funding may be available if you meet our funding criteria.

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