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Running extracurricular creative and enterprise programs can address several challenges and provide valuable solutions for young people.

How we help schools and youth organisations
in our local communities.

Enhancing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills:

The Problem: Traditional teaching methods may not always emphasise critical thinking.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops encourage students to think critically, solve problems, and apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Building Teamwork and Collaboration:

The Problem: Limited opportunities for children to engage in collaborative projects.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops involve teamwork, fostering collaboration and interpersonal skills essential for success in various fields later on in life.

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Thinking:

The Problem: Traditional education may not cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops instil entrepreneurial thinking, teaching children to identify opportunities, take initiative, and embrace innovation.

Boosting Student Engagement and Attendance:

The Problem: Lack of interest may lead to disengagement or absenteeism.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops make learning more enjoyable, increasing engagement and attendance rates.

Creating Pathways for Future Careers:

The Problem: Limited exposure to potential career paths.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops expose children to various industries, helping them explore potential career paths and develop skills relevant to the workforce.

Fostering Creativity in Learning:

The Problem: The standard curriculum may not always allow for creative expression.

Our Solution: Our creative workshops provide a platform for children to explore and express their creativity, promoting a more holistic approach to learning.

Real-World Application of Knowledge:

The Problem: Children may struggle to see the real-world relevance of academic concepts.

Our Solution: Practical projects in our creative and enterprise workshops offer tangible applications of classroom learning, making education more relevant and engaging.

Addressing Diverse Learning Styles:

The Problem: Children have different learning preferences and strengths.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops cater to diverse learning styles, providing a range of activities that appeal to visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and other learning preferences.

Preventing Burnout and Enhancing Well-Being:

The Problem: Intense academic pressure may contribute to stress and burnout.

Our Solution: Our extracurricular programs offer a balanced approach, promoting well-being by providing opportunities for children to pursue their passions beyond the academic realm.

Supporting Holistic Development:

The Problem: The sole focus on academic achievement may neglect holistic development.

Our Solution: Our creative enterprise workshops contribute to holistic development by nurturing not only academic but also social, emotional, and practical skills.

Did you know...

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  • Primary Schools

  • Secondary Schools

  • SEND Groups

  • Girls in STEM

  • BAME Pupils

  • Disengaged Children

  • Gifted & Talented

  • Children from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Pupil Referal Units

Who we help

Teacher Testimonial

"The scheme was great for all aspects of students learning. All students came away with a sense of achievement and pride in their final products, which were all incredibly professional. All students, including those who dislike creative tasks and have trouble with fine motor skills, really enjoyed the experience and have not stopped talking about it. Staff that joined on the visit praised and enjoyed the week and all staff that have seen the end products have been amazed at the quality. Sami delivered the course appropriately for our students and has thought about how to tailor it to higher ability students with SEND."

Manup Sangra,  East SILC - Temple Moor HCP

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