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Our Story

Our journey begins with our Founder, Sami Lovett. Sami is a Product Designer and Workshop Instructor.

She graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012 with a degree in Product and Furniture Design.

Since then, she has worked in Schools, Colleges and Universities as a Workshop Instructor. Teaching people of all ages how to turn their ideas into reality using her handcrafted manufacturing skills and knowledge. 


In 2018, Sami started her own sustainably focused Bespoke Design business, Just Lovett Design.

Since then, Sami has worked with several businesses to design and make bespoke products using reclaimed materials. She has also taught numerous adults how to make their own products using sustainable materials in her DIY Workshops and Recycled Plastic Jewellery Making Workshops. 

Whilst searching for new suppliers of waste materials in 2021, Sami came across a local company, Morley Glass. Morley Glass were giving away numerous wooden boxes and birch plywood sheets to anyone who could reuse or repurpose them. Sami met the Company Director Ian Short and they both learnt that they share similar views on sustainability and inspiring the next generation. Sami shared her dreams of running Creative Enterprise workshops for young people, but the uptake had been slow and Schools were busy recovering from COVID lockdowns. 

In February 2022, with the mentorship, support and sponsorship from Ian and Morley Glass, Sami ran her first Creative Enterprise Challenge for 10 pupils from Roundhay School in Leeds. Where the pupils were tasked with designing a new product that combats a social issue, using waste wooden materials from Morley Glass.

This was a great success, with amazing feedback from pupils, parents and judges. Since then the Creative Enterprise Challenge has gone from strength to strength and has been running over the school holidays. The scheme has been sponsored and subsidised by Morley Glass to allow everyone to take part. We will be forever grateful to Ian and Morley Glass, without whom, we wouldn't be where we are right now. 

After roaring success in 2023, Sami has started this Community Interest Company so that she and the growing team can reach more communities with their new workshop programmes which can be delivered during school, after school and during the school holidays. 

This journey is guided by a deep passion for empowering young people to learn new skills and passions to give them every success in their future, all whilst championing sustainability. 


Sami's goal is to establish connections with several local businesses, 

to encourage them to contribute to their communities. This can be through sponsorship to increase our outreach, volunteering time to help run our programmes or showcasing to the next generation the diverse range of employment opportunities awaiting them after full-time education. 

Join us on this exciting journey, as we explore the limitless possibilities of creativity, sustainability, and positive change. Together, we'll craft a world that thrives on inspiration, empowerment,

and a shared commitment to making a real difference.

We are very excited about it, are you?

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