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It is a therapeutic box that is dinosaur themed. It is to help children and parents because this box is a coping mecanism for children who are struggling with mental health. This helps parents understand their childs emotions and mental wellbeing. Our product contains small tokens that have advise on them based on how the child is feeling (happy, sad, angry, neutral) The Sad tokens are shaped like tear drops, Anger is a triangle, Happy is a star and Neutral is a square. The box also comes with dividers for the box and an introduction card to your new friend dino! 


Kids can also name and paint the dino and box with the paint set included.  The kit also comes unassembled so that kids can assemble the dino themselves!

  • Contents

    This product comes with a set of 12 acrylic paints, paint brushes and glue.

  • Size

    10.3 cm x 26.3cm x 24cm

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