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Taste Match

Taste Match


  Our multi-educational game is perfect for 4-8 year olds. It has multiple food types and a food chart. It also has characters to represent healthy and unhealthy foods. The various games thta you could play include:

    Game 1: Memory matching game! Where you take turns picking up cards until you find matching cards and then put your characters shape on one of them and put it on the food plate and then keep one. the aim is to have the most counters by the end

    Game 2: Spelling game! Where you pick a counter and test your opponent on the spelling of the food such as cous cous you would spell it C O U S  C O U S.

    Game 3: Sprin to win! This is a spin to win game where you spin the spinner and then you have to be the one to name something that is in that section


Feel free to make your own game as well!

  • Size

    10.3 cm x 26.3cm x 24cm

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