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Equal Minds

Equal Minds


  Our product is a game for children aged 4-12 where they can design and paint two different characters and create a story line for them using the emotion and career dice provided.

They roll the dice and then depending on the prompts selected will use their imaginations to build a career and life for their character, the prompts will include careers that have stereotypically been matched with a gender such as a nurse or a footballer.

Letting the dice choose the career helps the children to understand that we can build a world with no gender barriers as they are doing in the game. Also using accessories and features to physically represent activity's and jobs teaches the children to accept and normalise breaking gender steryotypes for their futures.

We have used recycled wood from Morley Glass and Glazing. 

  • Contents

    This product comes with a set of 12 acrylic paints, paint brushes, glue and bluetack.

  • Size

    10.3 cm x 26.3cm x 24cm

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