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Bespoke Set of Recycled Plastic Jewellery

Bespoke Set of Recycled Plastic Jewellery


Tell us your favourite colours and we will make you your very own plastic sheet using our acrylic plastic offcuts. We will then laser cut you your own set of matching and very unique jewellery!


Jewellery Set to include:

- 1 set of hoops

- 2 sets of studs

- 1 set of hanging earrings

- 2 necklaces


We will also send you the sheet as well, they look great in a box frame or stuck on the wall!


  • Shapes

    Tell us what shape you would like your jewellery to be.

    You can have a mixture of shapes and we will design them especially for you.

  • Colour / Colours

    Tell us what colours you would like us to include in your unique plastic sheet. 

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