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April's Creative Breaks Box

April's Creative Breaks Box


Spring has sprung, the world is warmer, the evenings are brighter and it's time for new beginnings. Whether you are taking a Creative Break from work during your busy days or kicking back at the weekend with a cup of tea, we hope that you enjoy your Creative Break experience. 

We have curated April's box to combine Easter crafts with the theme of sharing and creating something for someone else.

We believe that creating something for yourself brings so much joy. Making something for someone else is just that bit better. You can't beat that feeling of gifting someone something that you have personally created for them. We want you to harness the power of making for others this month. Trust us, it will make you feel so good!


1 x Bunny with straight ears

1 x Bunny with floppy ears

2 x Bunnies with lob sided ears

1 Daffodil Planter Set

1 x Just Lovett Workshops Flowers

In your paper bag:

8 x stands

8 x feet

4 x eggs

4 x tails

4 x Easter flags

4 x Bow ties

1 x box of acrylic paints

1 x bottle of PVA

2 x paint brushes

1 x Cream Egg tea bags

1 x Nearly Nirvana Tea Bag

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